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The History of First Congregational Church

      Early in the 18th century groups of descendents of the Puritans who had settled the Connecticut River Valley a century before came to what is now Northwest Connecticut seeking land suitable for farming. The area chosen for the first settlement, now called Litchfield, with its wetlands and relatively level topography was deemed adequate for their needs. The settlers, called proprietors, were obliged by the Colony’s General Assembly to set aside land for “pious purposes” in their town and did so by establishing a site for a meetinghouse in the middle of the main road through the town and reserving lots for the minister’s dwelling and his livelihood.

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Memorial Garden

The memorial Garden, in the courtyard of the Pilgrim House,

provides a place of quiet reflection and the beauty of nature.

It is also a place for the ashes of church members or their families.

Other people, who’s family members are buried elsewhere,

may wish to remember them by contributing to the Memorial Garden.


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Baptism at FCC

Baptism is one of two sacraments celebrated at

First Congregational Church (the other being communion).

It is a joyous celebration because it marks a person’s incorporation

into the universal church – the body of Christ.

In the United Church of Christ, people may be baptized

either as children or adults.


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