Music Notes: The Christmas season is here again, and it brings us the most wonderful music of the year. The entire range of themes from Advent through Epiphany are represented, with so many hymns and songs that we can’t possibly sing them all during our services.

We see first the expectation of Jesus coming to earth, of the hope and comfort to be found in his presence. We see glimpses of the majesty of Heaven, and the simplicity of the arrival of a baby. We see a Savior who will come down to earth and experience the things that we ourselves experience. He will be a Savior who understands our feelings and challenges because He has felt them, too. We sing the words that remind us of the purpose of the Advent season – that we should use this time to prepare our hearts and minds to receive Christ anew.

We see angels – the Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary and the hosts of angels appearing to the shepherds and singing of Christ’s birth with glorious refrains – and we sing of quieter moments of a young mother with her newborn child, and we wonder what her thoughts must have been as she considered the unexpected path her life had taken.

We sing of a star, and of the three wise men who looked for it and followed it great distances, and of the gifts that they brought.

Welcome the Christ Child again. Sing and listen to your favorite songs and hymns. Sing out with joy if you are joyful, and with hope and expectation if you are in need of comfort. If you don’t feel like singing, read and take to heart the words of Christmas – that God loves all of us so much that he sent his only Son to be our Savior.

I give you some text from one of our Christmas Eve anthems, “The Child of Promise” by Michael Richardson.

“Behold the child of promise, a promise the world might be free; born in lowly manger, God’s gift to you and me. He is the meaning of Christmas, the child that God sent from above.This was his reason for coming; to share His example of love.”

Have a blessed Christmas!