Sunday School

We are currently taking a break from Sunday school for the Holiday Season. Sunday school will start back up on January 15th. If you would like your child to participate in the Build a Pageant you can download a stage play here. If you have questions, please email

About Sunday School

We encourage all children to participate in Sunday School, and visiting children are always welcome. Our classes range from pre-kindergarten to the sixth grade. Classes meet every Sunday during the Worship Service. Children typically begin their Sunday morning in worship with their parents. At a specific moment cited in the bulletin, children and teachers walk to the Pilgrim House for classes. Instruction ends at 11:45 am.

Our children are encouraged to develop a dynamic relationship with God. Our program provides them with a core curriculum that is rich with a scriptural knowledge and practical applications to their everyday lives. The fundamental belief of the curricula is that children are capable of understanding the Word as it was intended to be taught but innately hunger for a meaningful experience with it. The message is not diluted but is taught in an informative and efficient manner that encourages engagement and interaction by both the instructors and the students.

Our Sunday School Program is designed to encourage our adult membership to interact with our children. The curriculum material is very user-friendly, interactive, and rich in the Word. Adult members of our church commit to single units of instruction which typically run for six to eight weeks. Not only does their service encourage the formation of intergenerational relationships within the membership, it is also a fabulous way for each volunteer to increase his/her own knowledge base of Christianity.