Springtime brings the music of God’s creation to us. We hear His creatures – the peepers singing out their nightly songs, the birds singing in the trees and the drumbeat of the woodpeckers hammering away.

     Can you still hear it? Does the wonderful music of Easter still resound in your heart and soul? Do the words of the hymns inspire you as you go through your weekly routines? They’re meant to, you know!

     We sing the hymns that springtime calls to mind – “This Is My Father’s World” and “All Things Bright and Beautiful” – music that celebrates the beauty and wonder of the world. Music is a most wonderful gift that brings us together in fellowship, supports and enhances our worship and helps us to spread God’s messages of hope and faith.

     The music is indeed meant to go with you after you leave worship. Any choir member can tell you that the anthems we sing and rehearse often stay with them throughout the week. The music of faith gives us a means of hope and support whenever we need encouragement, voice for our sorrows and opportunity for joyful praise and exclamation.

Photo Credit: Catherine Vlasto

     The musical styles may vary, but the messages are the same – take joy in God’s creation, praise His goodness and mercy and let the music inspire and guide us as we travel life’s path.