Music Notes: The Bible tells us multiple times to praise God with music – with instruments, songs and dancing. Praise is a central theme in many hymns. We sing the Doxology every Sunday, praising Him from whom all blessings come, and frequently begin the worship service with a hymn of praise.

“Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty” (Hymnal #482) speaks of God who created the universe and reigns over everything still. It reminds us that despite His greatness, He cares for all of us and we should take the time to notice what he has done for our sakes. Everyone and everything on earth should praise God.

The contemporary songbook continues the theme of praise in newer songs, such as “Great Is The Lord” (#10), “He Is Exalted” (#12) and “How Majestic Is Your Name” (#19).

There are too many hymns of praise to mention them all, so take the time to look through the hymnal and songbook. Read the words and wonder that God is majestic and powerful, yet also loving and forgiving. Let us go into this new year with courage and hope, praising God each day!