Serve with Love
Some ways to serve the people in your life who do not know God

  • Serve through small acts of kindness
  • Volunteer to take care of a tangible need (cook a meal, babsit, shovel snow, etc.)
  • Make their birthday special
  • Send a greeting card
  • Join a community service project with someone who is journeying toward God
  • Offer to pray
  • Keep them company
  • Give or lend something
  • Don’t miss the big needs – births, deaths, trials, sickness, and more
  • When you Listen to people and Eat with them, they will tell you how to love them

Ways to allow others to reciprocate and in turn serve you

  • Accept invitations (dinner, parties, etc.) and offers of help
  • Share your needs with your neighbors openly
  • Be generous with your gratitude