Some ways to serve the people in your life who do not know God:
1.  Ask for permission and don’t be pushy.  “Would you mind if I tell you a little about a way God has changed my life?”

2.  Be clear and use common language.  Try to avoid “church” language.  Words like, “born again,” “Savior,” “redemption,” “grace,” “accepting Jesus, etc., are beautiful and meaningful to Christians but have little or no meaning to people outside the church.

3.  Keep it short.  Share more as it becomes appropriate.  Keep it to two minutes or less.  If you want to write it out, 100 words is a good length.

4.  Be humble and focus on what God did.  “Look at what God did in my life!”

5.  Use a before-and-after pattern.  How did God change you?

6.  Focus on Jesus as the source of change.

7.  Tell your story with joy and passion.

8. Tell a story from your life that connects with their life.