Unfortunately, we have had issues the past two weeks with recordings. However, the recording did capture this wonderful original song by, interim organist, Michael Whitney Brown. Enjoy as our whole church joined in this reflective hymn to the sermon.

I Won't Come Down Lyrics


I won’t come down

Till my work is done

I won’t give up

Till my race is won

I’ll build the wall, I’ll build it tall

I won’t come down, I won’t come down


Trials pressing me each day

Sometimes hard to find my way

Days are rough and nights are long

Lord, I know you’ll keep me strong




Friends and family walk away

Lord, you promised that you’d stay

By my side to comfort me

Safe from harm, yes, I will be




When the tempter tells me lies

In your truth I will abide

I will succeed in all I do

Lord you’re here to see me through



Though the vision is delayed

It is sure and on the way

I will stand in Liberty

Jesus Christ has set me free