Music Notes – Where do you turn when you are in need of comfort and strength? Throughout history people have turned to music. The music of our worship services is there to help you through your difficulties. The details of our life circumstances may change with technological advances but the underlying human feelings and reactions remain the same. Our hymns give messages of hope and courage, and the understanding that we are not alone, that all of us need those messages at some point in our lives.

“Our God, Our Help in Ages Past” (#210 in our hymnal) reminds us of God’s timelessness and constancy. He was with our ancestors, and will continue to be with us and with future generations. “God Is My Strong Salvation”  (#179) also tells us that God is with us and His help is always near. Call on Him for strength and courage. Rely on Him and seek His peace.

“When You Are Very Near” (Songbook #32) names our difficulties – the circumstances that we cannot understand, our doubts and fears, and our struggles to get through difficult days. “All Who Are Thirsty” (Songbook #1) invites all who are tired and searching for relief to come to God, to lay your cares upon Him and be refreshed by His mercy.

We live in a time when there is much that we cannot control or understand, be it natural disasters such as floods, fires and hurricanes, or the actions of people who seek only to harm and destroy. Come to our worship services and let the music of faith comfort you, give you rest, and build courage to face whatever life brings you. Come and sing with your fellow Christians so that we may inspire each other as we use melody to bring God’s word to each other and to ourselves.

Harmoniously,  Laurie


“May your soul have the gift of music, May your heart be inspired with song; May the echoes remain in your memory, Like a friendship that lasts your whole life long.” – John Rutter