Music Notes: Our hymns tell of something quite amazing. Can you guess what that might be? It is the wonderful news that God loves us! Poets and composers have combined their efforts to bring this news to us in many ways throughout the centuries, from the Psalms to current music.

There is the simple version that every child knows – “Jesus Loves Me!” (#304 in our hymnal) – a reminder that Jesus wanted all children to be able to come to Him. Basic though the words may be, it is an easy way to remember that we are all God’s children and we can always turn to Him. Another simple hymn, though perhaps less familiar to our congregation, is “Wherever I May Wander” (#294). God’s love follows us wherever we go, and this beautiful world is a constant reminder of His love and faithfulness.

Psalm 23 is always a favorite in reminding us that God loves us and cares for us. Our hymnal has six different versions of this text (#170-175). The tunes may not all be familiar, but read the texts and see that while the versions differ slightly, the message is the same.

“What Wondrous Love Is This” (#85) and “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling” (376) tell us that God loved us so much, that he sent his only Son to redeem us. There is no greater love than this. Below is part of the first stanza of “Hear The Good News of Salvation” (#355).

“Hear the good news of salvation: Jesus died to show God’s love.Such great kindness! Such great mercy! Come to us from heaven above.”

Read and sing the hymns of God’s love for us. Hold the words close to your heart, and remember that above all God loves you!