Worship Director Search

     As many of you know, FCC is in the midst of searching for a new Worship Director. This is the first time we have engaged in this kind of search for over thirty-four years. For this reason, the Church Council and the Search Team are committed to engaging in a deliberate and intentional process. 

     There have been a number of questions I would like to address to assist in you as you pray for our Worship Director Search Team. Please click below to see answers to some FAQs.
Why are we calling the position "Worship Director" rather than Organist/Choir Director?

The title “Worship Director” is being used intentionally to describe our desire that our next music and worship staff help us become a worshiping congregation rather than simply being a musician. In addition, as a matter of practice it is better to give people titles that reflect the breadth of their position rather than hyphenated titles.

How long with the search process take?
While we cannot predict the amount of time it will take to find a candidate, we are anticipating posting the job opening in June with interviews taking place throughout the summer. We desire to have the new person in place by September.
How long will our Interim Worship Director be here?

We have been blessed to have Michael Brown agree to be our Interim Worship Director for as long as we need him. According to our present contractual agreement, he is eligible to apply for the permanent position if he desires to do so.

Is this a full-time or part-time position?

The Worship Director position is a part-time position. The Search Team will be reviewing the scope of the position to ensure we are providing a fair stipend for the expectations of the position.

Will the position play the organ?

Yes. We are also looking for the best possible musician who can help us expand our congregational worship experience.  If the candidate is familiar with contemporary forms of music and plays any additional instruments, that would be a plus.

When will we have a choir again?

The choir has been an important part of FCC’s worship life for many years. While we may not have a choir during the transition period, it is hoped that we will be able to reconstitute a choir when the new Worship Director is here.

Why do we sing songs we don't know?

One of the challenges of becoming a healthy and vital congregation is the recognition and willingness of the congregation to learn new music. Sometimes that is in the form of a newer hymn. Other times it means we will be taking a familiar hymn and singing it side-by-side with a newer worship chorus.

How can I pray for search team?

The search for a new Worship Director is not just the job of the search team. Each of us can participate in the process by praying regularly for the search process. Pray for God to give us unified purpose, wisdom, and patience as God directs the right best worship candidate for the next chapter in our churches life.